Kumiko Shimizu


03 Jun 2011 - 04 Jul 2011

Extended until 4th July - By appointment only

Human emotion being its focus, Angry House challenges the conventions of Architecture Design. Anger would be the purest form of human emotion. There is no agenda but the pure explosion of frustration, like the Big Bang, a state that holds very high density and very high temperature, waiting to explode. That is how the Universe was created.

Anger can be glamourous, even kind,
Anger can be generous and also blind
Anger seeks its own destruction and understanding

Angry House was first performed at the Design Museum, London as a part of the London Festival of Architecture 2008. The design method seeks a human action that involves emotion, in this case ANGER. Angry House asks people to throw a pack of clay in order to make their architecture design. Throwing a pack of clay represents the expression of anger that contains enormous energy, in this case not of just one person but of many. This pure abstract energy is diverted into creativity and a design is formed. Thus creating A New Method of Architecture Design, Not Computer Generated but Man generated. More than ten people’s energy transmitted into a pack of clay that struck into the ground. Much like an asteroid landing onto the earth. A form was made that became the architecture design.

An opportunity was provided for participants to create an accident with my concept of “Accident is Sacred”. The Angry House Project introduced the method and created a strongest form that is beyond human control, and is therefore sacred.

The project developed incorporating new technologies, which we cannot ignore and should be celebrated rather than feared. This is a human achievement. My way of using technology is not to give in to or rely on its’ ability but use it as material that provides and creates other accidents. Because the Angry House Project design is based on this idea, the result is unknown, it considers and signifies each stage of the accidental developments as part of the design process.

The ultimate project proposal is to make the Angry House Pavilion. It will call on a new group of people as collaborator. This Pavilion will be five times bigger than the big model and twenty times bigger than the small model. The size will be around 6.5m x 4m x 4m. A scale large at which concerts, discussions and any meeting could take place.