Isabella Dyson


21 Dec 2013 - 11 Jan 2014

Welcome to Body + Space, an exhibition comprising etchings, monoprints and life drawings, a portion of which have been created during this young artist's time spent studying at the Prince's Drawing School, alongside other studio work.

Inspiration is drawn from the work of artists such as Leon Kossoff and Paula Rego. Of particular inspiration was the recent exhibition at the Wallace collection of nude drawings from the French Salon.

Work featured in the exhibition features monoprints - whereby ink is applied to a plate and wiped off in sections to create a depiction of the body. These have been most effective as there is a strong elongation of line juxtaposed with the dark ink of the background. Dyson's dry point etchings provide particularly emotive results with relative simplicity thereby losing none of their initial emotive response to the subject. These works presented alongside sugar lift prints provide a pleasing contrast.

Most recent works are predominantly worked in ink, allowing a freer approach to line and with a greater emphasis on curves and linear forms of the female and male nudes respectively.