From Where I'm Looking II

15 Jan 2016 - 26 Feb 2016
Self Portrait at Sacy

From Where I’m Looking, Part II is Miranda Argyle’s second show at Eleven Spitalfields. Part I specifically related to the Huguenot silk weavers who once lived in Princelet Street. Following on, Part II shifts the focus to the artist’s own observations. It is concerned with the activity of looking and the codes that are used to understand and explain what is seen. Always determined by the viewpoint, events may be seen from an unexpected angle or from behind a screen.

In From Where I’m Looking, the title piece of the exhibition, repeated words glance down from the top right hand side of the picture plane as if in anticipation. Initially read as image, stitched text is made from the intersection of two threads and has a raised surface that occupies three - dimensional space. Tactile and optical codes merge in the two Braille works, Braille Heartbeat and Braille Colour posing unsettling questions about shared experience.

Traditionally the reverse of an embroidered piece of stitching was as perfect as the front, which although unseen had a presence and told us that something happened beyond the visible. In Inside Out the underside of the piece is of equal interest. Here we look through the back of the stitching where the two oo s from the word looking can be deciphered. The suggestion is that we all look from somewhere different and can only assume the perceptual similarities that are explained by written language.

The exhibition also includes a drawing and four photographic pieces. The photographs invite us to explore strangely lit environments. Again the act of looking is invoked as we are directed to investigate familiar scenes and objects where the topography has been dramatically changed by the use of luminous light.