Living London

05 Sep 2014 - 30 Oct 2014

September sees the launch of a solo exhibition by London based artist Julie Held, and it is her native city that serves as the primary inspiration behind the work on display. More specifically, inspiration is drawn from the passing of life – particularly framed (and separated) by a window. This device – a glass distancing the artist from her subject – recurs frequently in the exhibition, allowing her to maintain a distance from her subject, creating a tension and dialogue between insider and outsider.

Held is also drawn repeatedly to the motif of the small boutique with its colourful, distinctive display proudly proclaiming its independent character and piquing the viewers curiosity, as we, like the artist, stand outside looking in…

Life in these vibrant paintings and drawings is akin to a tapestry, a series of interconnecting warps and wefts. ‘The metaphor that best describes my progress as a painter’, she admits, is ‘the weaving of a tapestry, in which themes which have preoccupied me over the last 20 years, resurface and recur, taking on new textures and motifs.

Held is deeply moved by what she refers to as the ‘soul’ of the city – the people who inhabit these structures, and the intricate patterns of their daily lives, threaded through the architectural forms. This is reflected back to the viewer, a glimpse of the everyday London that is in the process of being lost to rapacious development and soaring property prices. Held reveals to us the extraordinary within the ordinary, but if we end up losing the everyday London of florists and markets, young couples and down-and-outs, we’ll also end up losing the opportunity for those moments of the Sublime that one sees in this work and that one still finds in London. The question is: for how much longer?

In Living London Held not only captures this elusive and transient quality, but allows us, the privileged viewer, to appreciate and experience it too.

Saturday 18th October - 2:30pm

Julie Held is joined in conversation by painter, and mentor, Anthony Eyton R.A for what is sure to be a fascinating discussion about the exhibition and their individual practice.

Spaces for this event are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis, please RSVP to info@elevenspitalfields.com