The Sands of Time

04 Mar 2016 - 29 Apr 2016

Greta Kirkwood Anresens's Sands of Time is a beautifully poetic take on the complexity of Africa and the Middle East. The work reflects the interest, awe and compassion felt by Kirkwood in retracing earlier steps over those lands. The insightful texts and poetry that accompany the images draw oneinto her mind's eye and its reflection of her deeply personal experience of these lands. One is left with a sense of both the urgency of the political situation in much of the region but also the resilience of human life under the deepest adversity.

Dr Lee Salter (Lecturer in Media Communications/Author/Writer &Co-Producer of the film 'Secret City')

This body of work on display at Eleven Spitalfields Gallery comprises images from Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Territories, Lebanon and Kenya - the photographs are from her latest book The Sands of Time published in 2015. These images are an important part of social history and documentation - relating to our world heritage. The work is not so much about people a it is places, but people are an inherent part of places, leaving everlasting imprints. This exhibition equates timeless ancient monuments and wonders of the past with the worship of Pharaohs to recent times with new established borders and occupied territories, dictatorship, oppression, revolution: these old ruins and civilizations - all left in the hands of fate. The images serve as a gateway to the sands of time. To be present in the time, this exhibition captures a part of world heritage as it stands so far today.

The book 'Sands of Time' juxtaposes archival images from the above region belonging to Greta's late grandfater who reported from the Secnd World War in the Middle East for the Royal Army Ordinance Corps from 1939 - 1945, combined with Greta's own photographs from that region. The book passionately chronicles the past and present face of these lands.

"From photographs of The Sphinx, to religious icons, to shots of urban decay and devastation, 'The Sands of Time' captures the faces and hearts of the people of the Middle East and the suffering that many of them continue to endure. The silence and power of this book will stay with the reader for a long time afterwards" - The Central Fife Times (01.10.15)